The city of Split, Croatia and its waterfront, the Riva, the embodiment of Splits history and character, are among the most interesting and most remarkable sites in the Mediterranean.




The Split waterfront is an urbanized, open and accessible public space – it is, so to speak, the town’s living room. It stands in front of Diocletian’s Palace, the home of the Roman emperor more than 1700 years ago. Over the centuries the palace was transformed from a private residence into a town. In a related fashion its waterfront also underwent numerous transformations of material, form, finish and functional use.




After several days of rain, and cold weather, Split got today some sunlight which I, together with other citizens, tried to steal as much as possible.

It is interesting how popular Riva is, even during winter. We just need to see a little bit of sunlight to forget about the winter and our homes. Like coldblooded animals, we can’t wait to get out of our offices, apartments, and to feel the warmth and fresh air.





Riva got its present appearance in the early 19th century, in the period of the French rule. It was extended and gravelled then, and a series of houses, bearing some characteristic architectural features of that period, was erected. Some of them have been well-preserved up to the present time.

45 minutes lunch break was enough to have few shots and to enjoy the day.

Unfortunately, grey clouds showed who is the boss, and we are expecting rain again. But that only strenghtnes us, as we know, it won’t be long, we will try to steal the sun again.