How to Help Flood Victims in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Croatia

We ask our international partners, colleagues, and friends to support the people in the Balkans with a donation of any size.

How to help in Serbia

Donate to the state institution solely for this purpose
Donate to the “General support” fund of the TRAG Foundation, the most respected foundation in Serbia.

How to help in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Donate to Red Cross of Republika Srpska
Donate Red Cross of the Federation of B&H
Donate to the MOZAIK Foundation, the most respected community foundation in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Payment Instructions
Beneficiary name : Mozaik Foundation
Soukbunar 42, 71000 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Iban Code: BA391611000000063496
Beneficiary bank: Raiffeisen Bank DD Bosnia I Hercegovina
Swift Code: RZBABA2S
Address: Zmaja Od Bosne BB , Sarajevo, BIH

How to help in Croatia

Donate to Red Cross
Donate to Croatian Caritas
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The disaster has caused terrible floods, and our neighbourhoods, villages and towns have been completely submerged. Livelihoods and homes have been completely destroyed. As we await another wave of floods, we take refuge in the humanity, empathy and solidarity we have witnessed so far at home and abroad. It will take years, and billions in financial aid, for Bosnia, Serbia and Croatia to recover from the disaster. Funds will be needed for medical treatment, clean-up and sanitation of the affected areas and re-building of both houses and lives.

There are various ways to help and get involved, either by actively assisting those in need, if you are in the area, or through donations. Many reputable organisations have opened accounts for this purpose, including the Red Cross Bosnia, Red Cross Croatia, Red Cross Serbia, Novak Djokovic Foundation, Government of Serbia, and Association Pomozi, just to mention a few. Please visit their websites and contribute what you can, or at least – help spread the word.