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The Legend of Diocletian
The legend surrounding the rise of Diocletian is as follows: A Dalmatian soldier named Diocles had been told by a witch that he should become Emperor by the slaughter of a boar. He became a great hunter, but no wild boar that he killed seemed to bring him nearer to the purple, till, when the army was fighting on the Tigris, the Emperor Numerianus died, and an officer named Aper offered himself as his successor. Aper is the Latin for a boar, and Diocles, perceiving the scope of the prophecy, thrust his sword into his rival’s breast, and was hailed Emperor by the legions. He lengthened his name out to Diocletianus (later shortened to Diocletian), to sound more imperial.



Walk through the palace, is a must do…This is our daily routine as we are living in Split and also working in the city (we can’t wait for the coffee break). But if you have doubts about spending your summer in the city, and we are talking about Diocletian ‘cottage’ as he called his palace, I hope these pictures will make you think otherwise…




Walk through the palace, especially in the summer, is a challenge. So many people, so many hidden streets, coffee bars, restaurants…You just have to explore all the little narrow streets and alleyways and find all the hidden bits of the palace that so many people must have missed unless they were were on a guided tour. A camera, either a smartphone or a professional one is a must have, as you will not be able to take your finger from it…




These are photos from today’s coffee break. And please note, this morning we had serious rain over here… Now, we can’t wait to jump in the sea. Enjoy!