One day, I will find right words, and they will be simple.

cvit u kamenu


Dalmatia…Right word, simple word.
Simplicity is the essence of this region. Simple but most delicious food, slow life mood, beauty seen in everyday life, especially during summer time.


lipo li je lipo li je

Summer … Mid-August … We finally have enough sun to steal a little gold… It is time for picking figs, we are preparing for the the new school year, doing our best to brighten holidays for our visitors…



We are enjoying singing crickets, cold watermelon, morning and afternoon coffee …

Grilled fish, tomatoes and cucumbers salad and glass of good wine or a cold beer. Can life be more beautiful?
Simplicity …




Each day should be spent finding beauty in little things.

From ancient times, life in Dalmatia was sustained by fishing, olive oil and wine. Life on the Dalmatian islands and coast today has not changed much in that regard. Perhaps today, we appreciate this life even more by giving more love and time. The coast and the islands are carved with thousands of small bays and pebbled beaches.
blue sky


u tami

We are giving our precious time and love entirely to summer and Dalmatia and we do enjoy in simple life this region is offering to us :).