Poljica, a small fisherman place located 15 minutes North from beautiful Trogir. Beautiful beaches, clean sea, and friends we enjoy spending time with.

Poljica beach
Poljica beach

Our friend Dino, a fisherman during winter and best tourist guide during summer, has a boat for daily cruises from Poljica to island Drvenik (Krknjaši). During your little cruise, you stop to
at least 3 beautiful places great for swimming, you can have delicious lunch with great view in old stone house, and you can even try fishing with Dino. Believe me, you will not regret,
as he is fishing since he was a little boy, and, he definitely can teach you something and provide you with great lunch you fished by yourself.
Isn’t that the best feeling?

Our captain Dino
Our captain Dino

So, Sunday 8:00 AM. Everybody on board!, Dino yells, as we throw our bags full of food, drinks and all kind of accessories for our kids. You can never have enough of those :).
Beautiful weather, clean and glass sea, fresh coffee served on board (and perhaps another 10 times during the day), and friends laughing and enjoying our little summer cruise.

On our way...
On our way…
Krknjaši - Blue Lagoon  Photosource: daytripsfromSplit.com
Krknjaši – Blue Lagoon
Photosource: daytripsfromSplit.com

First stop, Krknjaši – Blue Lagoon
Krknjaši cove on the Drvenik island, surrounded with Veli Krknjaš and Mali Krknjaš islets, is a real tropical lagoon from the picture postcards. It is not far away from land but a world away from mainstream tourism. Well known to yachtsmen and captains of megayachts who love to cruise these unspoiled waters and enjoy the secluded beaches, little known outsiders (www.trogir-sailing.com).

Little captain
Little captain
Beach, beach, beach Krknjaši
Beach, beach, beach Krknjaši

After we enjoyed beautiful morning for swimming, we got hungry! This beautiful bay has restaurant Krknjaši, but hey; with 5 big guys and full box of fresh meat, only choice was barbecue (gradele prepared meat).
Beautiful old stone house with great host, amazing view and a chance to prepare your own food. With friends you enjoy spending your time with, can life be any better than this?

Lunch time...
Lunch time…


Anybody hungry?
Anybody hungry?
What a view :)
What a view 🙂



Local wine from our vineyards, vegetables from our gardens, our olive oil, and delicious barbecue in combination with summer breeze and beautiful view can be described as true hedonism.

After another swimming, another coffee, we anchored in two more beautiful bays, enjoying deep blue sea.

Little boat :)
Little boat 🙂
On the way....
On the way….
You never know when you will need it :)
You never know when you will need it 🙂

On our way home, with sunset in front of us, we could only wish for one thing: To repeat this as often as possible!


We have only one thing to say to you! Join us… 🙂