Komiža, Island Vis
As Dalmatians would say: Odnija vrag i prišu! which translated would mean: Sit down, no need to run through life :)
As Dalmatians would say: Odnija vrag i prišu! which translated would mean: Sit down, no need to run through life 🙂

I love Croatia. Yes, I was born here, yes I do live here. But, I never saw my country in a way as I see it with my blog or Facebook page, writing about all the beauties which we are surrounded with, strong heritage, and simplicity which describes especially Dalmatia, and people and places situated here.

Always, favorite destination for sailors 🙂
Long history and bright future
Live on an island and have no boat? We don’t think so…

Sometimes, I feel, I do not have enough time to explore Dalmatia, let alone Croatia, and we are one of the smallest countries in the world. Does that even make any sense?

Simplicity of life…
Simple and luxurious, that is Croatia
Like in the old times, a goat is still a best friend for many people on our islands…
Forgotten and left alone…
Better to cage a shell, than a bird

Last weekend we visited island Vis, Komiža and Blue Cave, and island Hvar. We enjoyed in five days vacation, especially in Komiža, a place, which brings us to some old times. Times, when we knew what is really matter in life.

Flowers will grow anywhere you plant them 🙂
Flowers make everything better
Take a seat, and relax…
Simply Beautiful

Vis – island you are always coming back to.

Already in the early Stone Age, Vis was a meeting point for navigation routes, of peoples of various origins and of a variety of cultures. This has been the main characteristic of Vis’ history since ancient times until the present day.

At the beginning of 19th century 12,000 people lived here from all over Europe. That influenced Vis’ language where you can find, besides the derivates of the Venetian dialect, English, French, German and even Hungarian words.

The Blue Cave, one of the most attractive natural phenomena in the Adriatic, is located on the small island of Biševo near Vis. It is only 17 meters wide and 31 meters long. The cave is accessible through a narrow sea passage between the rocks. Sunlight comes in through an underwater opening, flooding the sea and the visitors with silver and blue colors. The only known habitat for the monk seal is right next to it.
Is there a better way to end your day 🙂
An old rope… Stories we could hear from it…

Today when, at the beginning of August, you drive on the road to Vis, it really looks like a metropolis. Its shiny illumination extends, like at Christmastime, from the waterfront around the entire bay over the decorated masts, to all the town suburbs, where the lantern on the islet of Host flashes to the north. To the west, like a suburb the Stonca bay illuminates the cove always full of fishermen’s boats and local sailing boats whilst to the east the Renaissance town of Kut appears. The peaceful idyll of Kut encounters the summer turbulence of the port in Our Lady’s Batarija. A concert currently takes place within the Austrian fortress, a little owl can be heard and under its walls, Spanish visitors are usually the loudest there. A number of people come out in front of the summer cinema once the animated film has just finished, and the feature film is about to begin. On the waterfront new elements and toys shine. There are lasers, led lamps and a variety of coloured stroboscopes. Under the stern of the mega yacht called Aikea Guinea, the arctic neon glares and under it the flathead mullet have party, the two of them together are really big catches. Even the saxophone can be heard around here, “Fly me to the moon” whilst in front of the bank a boat karaoke show is moored. A French band plays In Bejbi and under the reflectors over Issa’s necropolis, someone has scored a goal.

Source: tz-vis.hr

We could peak it all day long…Our beautiful sea…
Exibišon indeed :)
Exibišon indeed 🙂

Enjoy in the beautiful simplicity we found here and remember together with us how simple things can fulfill our lives with energy and joy. We only hope we will find time to visit all of our beautiful islands as often as possible, because, this luxurious, yet, simple beauty can bi found in each corner of Dalmatia.

We are looking forward to see what we will discover in other parts of our beautiful homeland.