They say, olive tree is like mother; giving selflessly even if she is neglected for years.


95% of all olive oil production in the world comes from the Mediterranean, and of course, even we are small, Croatia is one of those producers. And yes, you can be sure, olive oil from Croatia, is really from Croatia.


There are two regions here producing most of our oil. Istria and Dalmatia. We are in Dalmatia, so that means, everything here is much harder than in Istria when we talk about harvesting.

In Dalmatia, olives are scattered all over the place, and mostly, in areas which are hard to reach. Which means what?

Well, join us, and we will show you, the best we can through this post. If you want to know what does the olive try symbolize, legends and mythology surrounded about this fruit from heaven, or liquid gold as Homer called it, check out our older post;

The olive tree – Symbol of Immortality


So, it’s October, temperature is around 25 degrees, weather is pretty good. Wind up your watches ’cause we are getting up pretty early in the morning. Around 6 am. Drink your coffee, enjoy it, because later, well, you won’t have the chance ;).



Pack your food, lots of water, tools, and let’s go :).

As I already said, here, in Dalmatia, olives are all around, and ours are up, on the hill. You have to be a pretty good driver to past all the traps in front of you.

In other countries, people harvest olives by using machines that shake the entire trees. Here, we do it with our hands.




Dalmatia wildlife? :)
Dalmatia wildlife? 🙂

Please make sure you have suitable shoes, which are not slippery, because, there will be a lot of tree climbing. Also, no matter the temperature, you need to wear long sleeves, if you do not want to ‘cat scratch me’ look afterwards.

Girls, make sure your hair is secured as well.

Around noon, we will have 20 minutes off, for nice BBQ. Believe me, you will be hungry and you will enjoy it more than in a 5 star restaurant.


Around 4 pm, we are packing our stuff and it’s time to go home.

But the work isn’t complete. We need to shake our olives a little bit and clean the leafs. One of us, of course, is preparing dinner.


It’s 8 pm. You drink your Aspirin or any other pain killer and you go to bed. At 8 pm. Because tomorrow is Sunday, and yes, we are repeating this once again. And again. And again. We have around 500 olive trees. For our use mostly. Nothing professional. Yep, family thing. E-mail me if you want to buy it ;):


Does it sounds frightening? Perhaps. But, no matter sore muscles, we are doing it with joy. Because, we are thankful each year for the yield. We are thankful that we can spend so much time in the nature, hanging out, talking, laughing, crying from tiredness, instead being in front of TV or computer. We are thankful that we can enjoy our own oil. We are thankful for that and much more.

After all, we enjoy using olive oil. So, this time, let’s make a cake ;).

Joining us next year? 😉

Source: Like Croatia
Source: Like Croatia
Source: Like Croatia
Source: Like Croatia