There is more to life than having everything, a saying says. Why then, with all my soul, I feel other way around visiting my family house? All you need. Just there, in one garden, one stone house, one field, one family and Love4Life.

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When I was a child, living rural life and than going to school to ‘big city’, Trogir, I was often ashamed of my heritage. Having vineyards, olive groves, animals (I do not mean dogs or cats, but pigs, goat, ducks, donkeys) and running and playing around old houses and wheat fields, wasn’t exactly a story to share.

Now, when I look back, I smile.

People from the much bigger cities than Trogir are often asking me about my vineyard, olive groves and other gifts from the nature which are surrounding me.
And often, as I can, I share my world of ‘shame’ with them.

Now imagine living there like the we locals do – with full access to local wine and olive oil, a farm house to reside in, healthy food, fresh air and local stories which goes within.

Gastronomy, cyclotourism and exquisite food and wine offer combined with virgin landscapes and clean air – these are the features of Dalmatian hinterland and my little village.

But, feeling like home even if you are just a stranger passing by…that is most important of all.

Life in Dalmatia, never been easy. Lack of water (especially on islands), poor soil, constant sun (which we love today, but imagine yourself working all day) and many enemies trying to conquer this piece of land.

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People in Dalmatia were true life fighters. Just imagine, how much time they needed to built dry stone walls around their vineyards, olive groves, or corn, wheat, lavender fields? And yet, they did. Hard work never let them down.

My family even grew tobacco on the hills above my village. Well, you have to have a little satisfaction in all of this? 🙂

After sun was down, work has been completed, there was only one thing they could do; grill some nice fresh fish, homemade bread (under the lid) with olive oil, perhaps a little bit of prosciutto instead and goat cheese and, of course, wine.

Songs that goes together with these gatherings were cherry on the top.

Coming home to visit and see that nothing basically changed and that we still work hard when needed, eat same food, sing same songs, puts some warmth around my heart.



I am feeling blessed.

I just hope, it will stay the same for at least 20 years from now. I would be very sad if my son couldn’t feel the same way visiting me in some countryside, in Dalmatia Hinterland.

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